Simon Chan Celebration Symposium

Multipurpose Room, Student Community Center, UC Davis

January 19, 2023

The late Dr. Simon Chan


Simon Chan (1974-2012) was born in Auckland, New Zealand. He completed his Ph.D. with Elizabeth Blackburn at UCSF and his postdoc with Steve Jacobsen at UCLA. He joined the Plant Biology Department at UC Davis in 2006 where he started his work on epigenetic regulation of plant centromeres. With postdoc Ravi Maruthachalam, he discovered that modification of CENH3 can lead to chromosome elimination opening a fertile field of research in plant haploid induction.

The symposium will be broadcast on line via Zoom. 

The symposium will be held in the Multipurpose Room of the Student Community Center on the UC Davis campus. 

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Simon Chan Symposium Flyer

Symposium Schedule

Time Speaker Title or preliminary topic
9:00 AM Mark Winey, Dean, CBS, UCD Welcome
9:10 AM Ravi, IISER TVM, INDIA Memento
9:20 AM Ravi, IISER TVM, INDIA The story behind the serendipitous discovery of CENH3-mediated haploid induction
9:50 AM Raphael Mercier, MPI Köln Recombination
10:20 AM Ian Henderson, U of Cambridge The Arabidopsis pancentromere
10:50 AM Break  
11:10 AM   Memento
11:20 AM Anne Britt, UCD Haploid-inducing mutations in CENH3
11:50 AM Mohan Marimuthu, UCD CENH3-dependent epigenetic states affect hybrid compatibility  
12:20 PM Lunch  
1:35 PM   Memento
1:45 PM Tim Kelliher, Syngenta Broadening CENH3 applications: wheat doubled haploids, HI-Edit, and one-step CMS
2:15 PM Isabelle Henry, UCD CenH3-based genome elimination in hexaploid camelina: strength in numbers
2:30 PM Benny Ordonez, UCD Minichromosomes from haploid induction
2:45 PM Imtiyaz Khanday, UCD Synthetic apomixis: are clonal seeds coming to the farmer’s field?
3:00 PM Break  
3:20 PM Kelly Dawe, U of Georgia Centromeric manipulations in maize
3:50 PM Steve Jacobsen, UCLA Regulation of gene expression by DNA methylation
4:20 PM   Short mementos and closing remark