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Plant Biology

Plant Biology

Life Sciences Addition
room 1002

Univ. of California, Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616

(530) 752-0617

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"Majoring in plant biology at UC Davis allowed me to take a broad array of classes taught by passionate faulty members. ... However, the most valuable aspect of plant bio has been the research opportunity the major offers. I have been given the chance to learn from and work with excellent researchers while also conducting my own research project. More than any other thing, my experience in research has steered me towards a continuing career in science." -Paul Tisher, Plant Biology 2011

Undergraduate Program


Professor Siobhan Brady
2251 Life Sciences
Phone: (530) 752-2721


Joyce Fernandez
1023 Science Lab Building
Phone: (530) 752-0410
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Undergraduate Mentoring Plan

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Student Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the molecular and structural unity of all life, explain how the diversity of life is generated and perpetuated and exemplify this diversity among and within life's three domains.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how genetics and biochemistry are used to elucidate cell organization and function.
  • Demonstrate skill in communication of scientific data in standard format.
  • Demonstrate scientific quantitative skills, such as the ability to evaluate experimental design, read graphs, and use information from scientific papers.
  • Incorporating an evolutionary perspective, describe how plants develop from a single cell to a complex organism.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how plants sense and respond to environmental cues.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the relationship between plant form and function, and apply that knowledge to issues that impact society.

Why Major in Plant Biology at UC Davis

  • Excellent preparation for graduate & professional schools, including medical school.
  • Guaranteed research opportunities.
  • World-renowned research programs.
  • Hands-on experience in modern, cutting-edge biology research.
  • Opportunities to participate in departmental retreats & national conferences to present novel discoveries.
  • Eligible to receive the Alden Crafts & Oliver Leonard Scholarships, & President's Undergraduate Fellowships (PUF grants).
  • Contributions to human health, energy security, & environmental stewardship.

Requirements (Advising Checklists)

  • BS Major (PDF)
  • AB Major (PDF)
  • Minor Program (PDF)