This is the Theg Lab photo gallery where you will see scenes from the present and the past.

How far past? I can't remember exactly, but some are pretty far in the past.

Professor or hobo? I'd have to go with hobo ...

A typical happy hour scene

A less typical day

Congratulations, Mark and Carla

Here's a different view of Mark, as the Biotechnology Program Coordinator/Instructor at Seattle Central Community College.

A lot older, as you see.

Can you guess who instigated this?

Take your pick

"Nice smirk", she said. "Yeah, well nice wings", she said.

On consecutive years, Danny Schnell and then Ralph Henry and his group came out for the Western Photosynthesis meeting. Danny and Nathan have never met... or have they?

Actually, they did meet at the 2000 ASPP meeting in San Diego. You decide...

From the same meeting, here's a picture of Nathan with Andre Jagendorf, whose seminal acid jump experiments published in 1966 provided the first unequivocal proof of Mitchell's chemiosmotic coupling hypothesis

On a personal note (and why not, it's my web site) and from the "It's A Small World" book: One day I was looking through the pictures taken by my parents-in-law during their trip to Turkey in the late 1990s. I kept coming back to one and shaking my head. Finally I told them, "That looks for all the world like Andrea Jagendorf." That's who it was. In a tour of 15 persons drawn from the entire country.

On the way to stable deletions of the Physcomitrella Toc64 gene ...

After he left the group I was no longer able to hold Nathan in check.
Here he is in New Orleans just minutes before the end.

Come on, Nancy, you've got to help out here!

Lan-Xin won the Section's pumpkin carving contest for Halloween, 2004. I THINK this picture shows her with the prize, but it may be she was demonstratig how she got her inspiration for the winning pumpkin.

Here is Lan-Xin's prize-winning pumpkin up close

And other excellent lab entries.

Same season, different year

Eureka! The moment of discovery.

Dressing up for picture day in the Theg lab.

On a busy Friday afternoon ...

And the final product.

This picture was taken by some serious hecklers ... a long time ago

More recently, those of us still standing in 2009...

A scene from a local watering hole ... circa 1997