PCV Heather Scott

Normally when a person leaves the group we don't follow their lives on the lab web site. But Heather is gone and not gone. We wanted to chronicle her travels here.

Here's a map of where she is currently posted - Kiffa, Mauritania

You can also get some information about Mauritania by going to the following links:
Local time (8 hours later than Davis)
Local weather (click on Tidjikja region)
Encyclopedia-type information about Mauritania and its people

The following are some pictures she took during her training. We received them just after Christmas, 2000. She titled them "Pictures - A day in the life of a Peace Corps trainee"

Here are more pictures from a second set that she sent us in March, 2001. The labels are from the back of the pictures.
This picture arrived on June 8
"Enclosed is a picture of me in the Kankossa market - don't I fit right in? That's a clay water jug on my head, but it's not usually used for transporting water because it weighs a ton! I love this picture because it shows what a main drag in a town looks like."