This is the Sundaresan laboratory database page where you can find data resource updates for our currently funded project ‘Rice Maternal to Zygotic Transition’ (RMZT). Also included are database resources produced during the course of research in the lab since 2001. The links on the left are organized according to project, with archived materials in the lower section.


For the RMZT project we have recently published a paper on characterization of gene expression within the rice gametic cells via RNAseq (http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/tpj.12336/abstract;jsessionid=F05C067164030F64187E29B13F5865A7.f01t01), and on the left are links to the final gene differential expression table and a tool to assist in exploring this dataset. Also included here are links to our genome browsers that contain our rice FST genome insertion data as well as data related to small RNA discovery in both rice and maize. The remainder of the menus correspond to specific projects that include:

  1. Insertional mutagenesis resources
    • Arabidopsis miRNA candidate database
    • Rice transposon insertion lines
  2. Small RNA related projects
    • Arabidopsis miRNA candidate database
    • Cereal small RNA database (rice and maize)
    • Various small RNA tools
  3. Arabidopsis embryo-sac specific genes