Therese Amidon

Buu Huynh

Renay Kurtz

Agnes Lupa

Naomi Nakayama

Rebecca Silady

Marissa Simon

Dr. Tom Rost

Kathy Tong

Colette Yan
David Van Tassel
-For the advice, encouragement, leg work, and apple crisp.

Doug Walker and Tim Metcalf
-For the rice plants.

Dr. David Bayer
-For the pictures in the "Origin of Rice" page.

The Rost Lab - Carol Wenzel, Sue Nichol, and Eva Grotkopp Kuo
-For kindly allowing us to occasionally intrude.

Bridget Lamp
-For the lovely rice drawing.

Lynn Matteson at Creative Communication Services
-For the film processing.
Dr. Dahu Chen
-For providing us with a beautiful rice picture.

This project was funded by a grant from the UC Davis Teaching Resource Center. The TRC also provides us with a server.

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