Although the 'Rost' laboratory is no longer technically in operation I do still have a lab/office in room 2140 Life Science and I still spend one or two days a week there. I do consulting and some lecturing in forensic botany, and on plant anatomy projects as they occur. One day each week I work as a special assistant in the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, International Programs office (IPO) at 1103 Environmental Horticulture on projects in Afghanistan and Vietnam. I'm also the Invited Reviews editor for the Annals of Botany.


Thomas L. Rost, Ph. D.
Professor Emeritus
Invited Reviews Editor, Annals of Botany
Department of Plant Biology
One Shields Avenue
College of Biological Science
University of California
Davis, CA, 95616

Office Phone:
(530) 752-0628; Cell Ph. (530) 848-5640; IPO Ph. (530) 752-8474

(530) 752-5410