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Postdoctoral Fellowship (Biennial Deadline is November 1)

Applications and nominations are invited for the Katherine Esau Postdoctoral Fellowship in Plant Biology, which will be awarded to an outstanding young scientist interested in structural aspects of plants at the level of tissues, organs and whole plants. Included would be studies in which plant structure is integrated with development, evolution and/or function. Modern approaches to important questions in plant anatomy and morphology are encouraged. The Esau Fellowship will be awarded for a period of two years, with a possibility of renewal for an additional year, to enable the successful candidate to work under the mentorship of a University of California, Davis tenured or tenure-track faculty member. The salary rate is determined by NIH salary scales and the level of postdoctoral experience. The salary will increase annually as per the NIH salary scales. The University only allows a postdoc appointment for someone with less than 5 years of postdoc experience, so no one with more than 3 years prior postdoc experience would be eligible for the award.

Applicants should submit the following materials by email to esau@plb.ucdavis.edu. The candidate's material should be compiled as a single PDF. Letters should be sent with the candidate's name and Esau Fellowship in the subject line.

  • name(s) of appropriate faculty mentor(s) (whom you have already contacted),
  • complete curriculum vitae,
  • PDF reprints of published works,
  • proposal describing the original and creative research that would be carried out under this program (limited to 5 single-spaced pages, 12-point font, 1-inch margins),
  • statement of the relevance of the proposed research to the planned career in plant structure and development, evolution and/or function,
  • provide three letters of recommendation,
  • a letter of commitment of laboratory space and ancillary support from the proposed UC Davis faculty mentor(s). This letter should include a statement on the originality of the proposed work and the relationship of the proposed study to ongoing research in the faculty member's lab.

International candidates are welcome to apply. Preference will be given to candidates who received the Ph.D. from an institution other than UC Davis and who have not already spent time on this campus, and to candidates who have completed the Ph.D. within the past 3 years.

Inquiries may be made by e-mail to the chair of the Faculty Advisory Committee. All necessary information about the program and application requirements is contained within this ad, and can also be found on the web site (http://www.plb.ucdavis.edu/esau/). No specific application forms are required.

Fellowship applications will be accepted in odd numbered years. The application deadline for this program is November 1.

The University of California is an equal opportunity employer.


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