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About the Field Trips

The Botany Club organizes several field trips each year - day and weekend trips during the academic quarters, and week-long trips during winter and spring breaks.

Botany Club trips are active explorations of botanically interesting areas. For longer trips, the club generally rents university vehicles for transportation and camps each night. Participants share in the driving, packing and unpacking gear, and meal preparation.

Upcoming Trips

Have a place you'd like to visit? Make a proposal at one of the meetings!

Forms and Information*

Trip Guidelines
Medical Information Form

Here is a recommended packing list to help you prepare for overnight camping trips.

*Forms and information are in pdf format. You may view them with Adobe Reader.

Recent Field Trips

No trips yet for 2009-2010

Past Field Trips

• Organ Pipe National Monument in Arizona, and Pinacate Biosphere Reserve in Sonora, Mexico. March 24-31, 2002. See the field trip data.

• Bahia de los Angeles, Baja California, Mexico. December 27, 2001 to January 5, 2002. See the field trip data.

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