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The following program is open to college undergraduate students not currently enrolled in the UC system.

Tomato Genome Outreach Program


As part of this project we have implemented an internship program where each summer four students from the California State University and local community colleges are invited to work in our labs.  These students hail from under-represented backgrounds and receive training in a wide variety of laboratory techniques, general biological principles, scientific writing and presentation skills.  For the first seven weeks of the internship students are taught a wide variety of lab techniques including PCR, cloning and GUS staining, as well as computational methods such as statistics and sequence analysis.  For each of these weeks, one of the members of the Sinha/Maloof labs is responsible for mentoring the students; introducing them to a topic, running a wet or dry lab practical and assigning written work for the week.  This written work, most often in the form of a lab report, is then marked and the students are given feedback.  See below for a table outlining the curriculum for a previous year’s program.

The final three weeks of the program are devoted to the set-up, data collection and analysis of a large-scale experiment.  A final report covering the whole internship is written where students can use their improved scientific writing skills to bring together the themes of the following weeks and present their ideas

Towards the end of the final week, the students are given guidance in how to prepare and give presentations.  These are subsequently given at a seminar attended by the whole group.  The aim of this internship is to give students training in a wide variety of laboratory techniques, general biological principles, scientific writing and presentation skills.  These skills can then be applied to their studies as well as any future lab placements or internships.  By working alongside and interacting with all members of the group from UC Davis undergraduates, graduate students, post-docs and PIs, students are able to gain a valuable insight in the day-to-day workings of a lab and life in academia.


Sinha Lab Outreach Internship 2012

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To view a brochure about the Tomato Genome Outreach program from 2012, click here.

To apply for this annual summer program, please send your CV, copy of your transcripts and a one page document describing your expectations from this internship to our project manager, Kristina Zumstein Sarte <kmSarte@ucdavis.edu>

Applications close on March 30th each year.